I am definitely not good to express myself with words or actions so that's why I try to express myself with my creative work! My new page shall be dedicated to charity organisations extensively with photography for different targets, so longer term I would love to shoot style full quality pictures from lots of different kind of animals, city cutouts or life newsflashes which could support some charities through possible printout sales, because I believe a nice move is to hang your favorite stories on your wall, and always keep remember where your heart goes on and what are the most important things for you in life!

Current days with our digital technology it is no longer difficult making beautiful and pretty good pictures, that's why I am always looking for a new direction in my creative work, I believe that photography is not about what kind camera or editing you use, but it is about what does the picture say us or let feel us, so try to express yourself, I do that also with pleasure now since 6 years already!

I have an obsession my colorful visions, through creatieve work believe in something and show something, believing in good things and forgiving the bad things, because I believe in a higher state of the art through a honest Life, so I am totally agree with what the Dalai Lama also said, "To forgive is not about the others, but about you, it's letting go of the burden that you carry with you." that's why I believe in that beter to me to express myself with a creatieve work and not with words, ciao János!